SENS TECH (P) LTD was formed to provide the industry, a complete high precision strain gauge application in all fields and strain measurement service.

For many years, industrial weighing was the monopoly of certain companies across the world. That's why the 80% of weighing needs were imported and the customer as a whole paid a huge price for that. Finally whenever the customers approach them for repairs or any spares, the response and time taken to solve was very high.

Our intension to help the industry to grow with us by reducing the shut downs. Initially we were concentrating only on repairs of all types and makes of Loadcells. The specialty of our repaired Loadcells is that it will match the manufacture's specifications by all means.

Normally all high capacity Loadcells are manufactured to enable them to stand up to the heavy demands of industrial applications. They are hermetically sealed against moisture and chemicals. Once the Loadcell is opened for repair or rectification it is very important that it is to be re-sealed to the required protection class. We guarantee this protection to the OEM level. Again the most important thing is that each repaired Loadcell will carry a valid test report which will match to the OEM specifications.

We have the capability to repair and calibrate the Loadcells ranging from 200gms to 2000 tonnes. All other strain gauge based transducers including pressure, torque, shear etc …can also be repaired in our organization.

All our industries are now going for TQM quality system equivalent to the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). Then it is mandatory that every year the system to be calibrated to the national standards. So we have set up a facility to calibrate the system to the National Standards. We have the Calibration facility Certified by Regional Research Laboratory (RRL) Bhopal.

Now one of the most critical areas, is the strain measurement and analysis of structures, prototype equipments or pure research. Its purpose is to provide information which will assist engineers to design safe and reliable products and structures at a low cost. Stress analysis can be carried out in different stages of the product, research or failure analysis. We offer complete set up for strain gauging at site to meet most of the custom requirements.

In order to achieve these high level results, our experts gained built know-how and experience over more than fifteen years in the weighing and automation field. They are well-experienced in the field of design and manufacturing of Loadcells and custom made transducers.

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