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Loadcell Repair :
Loadcell Repair
We can do repair and calibration of all types and makes of loadcells. Each repaired loadcell will carry a test Certificate which will match the specification of the OEM. All repaired Loadcells will be tested for these parameters after repair.
Rated output
Load cell will be tested to the rated load and its electrical milli volts will be mentioned in micro volts.
Maximum usable load The Loadcell will be subjected to 200% of the rated load and its shift from zero is mentioned in micro volts
Tolerance in output Loadcell out put in micro volt will be matched to the tolerance level of the OEM specification
Tolerance in zero levels Loadcell out put at zero load will be mentioned in the Test Report which will be matched to the original specification.
Linearity Repaired Loadcell will be tested and its linearity will be mentioned in the Test Certificate .
Creep The Loadcell will be loaded up to the rated load and kept for 30 minutes and the creep value will be mentioned in the Test Report.
Temperature effect on zero. Load cell will be subjected to temperature without load and its Zero reading will be mentioned in the Text Certificate (in %/ Celsius of FS).
Temperature effect on span Load cell will be subjected to temperature with load and its shift on Span reading will be mentioned in the Text Certificate (in %/ Celsius of FS).
Input & Output Resistance Mentioned in the test Certificate and which will match to the OEM specification.
Protection Class Will be subjected to the required environmental conditions and will be checked. The result will be mentioned in the Test Certificate.
All type of strain gauge based transdusers :
Non-std Loadcell

The team Sens Tech will be able to rectify and calibrate any non-standard strain gauge based transducers including Pressure, Torque, Shear….etc. We have the facility to test and calibrate up to 500kg/ pressure transducers. Also we have the calibration facility traceable to Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal.

Digital strain / Load indicators :

The repair and calibration of the digital Indicators are also carried out by the SENS TECH team.

Test Equipments :

Sens Tech can also provide a complete kit for colleges and educational institutions for experimental stress / strain analysis.

Stress / Strain measurements :

The team, Sens Tech (P) Ltd is dedicated to the strain/ stress measuring techniques on complex structures/ specimen for the evaluation of Load, Force, Pressure, Torque etc... For strain measurement, whether pre- production, prototype, evaluation of sample, on- line checking, field-service testing, failure analysis or pure research, we offer a complete package. This includes strain gauges, complete strain gauging kit and measuring equipments. Even three-dimensional force also can be detected by using the rosette type strain gauges fixed on the specimen. Our esteemed customers in strain /stress measurement includes - ISRO, TRANSFORMERS & ELECTRICALS LTD, BBR INDIA LTD and SAB WABCO (INDIA) LTD.
Stress/Strain Measurement on complex structures

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